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    Wednesday, January 24, 2018   /   by Damon Penn

    What Keeps Buyers From Finding Their Next Home

    Buying a home is like searching for a mate. You'll go on many first dates and in the end, the one that has most, but maybe not all of the characteristics that you want, will win your heart. However, first-time buyers and sometimes even serial homebuyers are disappointed by how long the process takes. Yet they may not understand how their expectations, beliefs, and lack of action may be causing the delay in finding the right home. 
    Here are five pitfalls that buyers can fall into that cause them to let the right home slip by: 
    Seeing a home "as-is" 
    I don't mean that buyers should not view homes on the market that are listed for sale "as-is"; rather I mean not being able to see beyond the "as-is" home. In other words, some buyers walk into a home and are immediately turned off by something as simple as the color of paint which can be easily changed, or maybe it's the carpet or wallpaper. Regardless, when buyers see the home "as-is" without the ability to envision it ; ...

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